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Our mission is to stop cyber threats. Cybercrime today knows no borders, and its technical capabilities are improving fast, with attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated. To achieve our aim we need to make using the Internet safe and secure. The sharing of threat intelligence in real time is vital to this end, and access to information is central to maintaining effective protection of data and networks.

More and more cyberthreats are appearing every day, they can take many different guises and through many different attack paths or means by which an attacker can gain unauthorised access to a computer or network to deliver a payload or malicious outcome.

MKV Threat Intelligence

There exists no single solution that offers comprehensive protection, but knowing where to look for danger is a large part of being able to combat cyber threats.  A business manager today must protect the organisation against threats, and anticipate the dangers that lie ahead.   This need demands a level of strategic security intelligence that very few companies have the resources to develop in-house.  We believe De Morgan Intelligence to be a valuable business partner, who will always always be available to share its up-to-the-minute intelligence with your team.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent information security incidents, and it may not always be possible to halt an attack before it penetrates your security. But, it’s possible to limit the damage and to prevent the attack from spreading.  To this end De Morgan Threat Response offers: Incident Response; Digital Forensics; and Malware Analysis Services.


De Morgan Threat Services

De Morgan Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence starts off by collecting, analysing and filtering through information which can then be turned into threat intelligence. The information is turned into intelligence by evaluating its source, reliability and context to make it valuable and evidence based; along with filtering out any false positives.  Researchers around the world are constantly reverse engineering malware to build blueprints of the bad guys handwork and lucky for us these kind researchers share their findings for free in threat intelligence feeds.


De Morgan Threat Assessment

A cyber security compromise assessment is a systematic and objective survey of a network and various devices in use to identify and discover malware. Necessitated as staying on top of cyber security threats is now a full-time responsibility for organisations. The sources of cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with highly-motivated adversaries looking to exploit the weaknesses of your organisation.  This trend will only continue to grow, so it is important for organisations to assess their security posture and understand the likelihood of being compromised.


De Morgan Threat Defence

Cyber Threat Defence (CTD) is a computer network defence mechanism which includes response to actions and critical infrastructure protection and information assurance for organisations, government entities and other possible networks. Makarov Power 6 Cyber Threat Defence focuses on preventing, detecting and providing timely responses to attacks or threats so that no infrastructure or information is tampered with. With the growth in volume as well as complexity of cyber attacks, Threat Defence is essential for most entities in order to protect sensitive information as well as to safeguard assets.


De Morgan Threat Response

Power 6 Cyber Threat Response provides an evolved approach to proactive security protection.  Some services create more work for customers by simply providing just threat notifications, and then stopping there. But threat notification isn’t a solution, it’s just the starting point. At the same time, not all service providers have the right tools, people and processes to effectively manage their security operations centres around the clock and proactively defend against new, emerging threats.



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