About Dark Web Hunter

About Dark Web Hunter

Dark Web Hunter monitors the dark web for compromised credentials and sensitive data.  When problems arise the service sends a notification. This signal is a critical early warning to enable protecting yourself and your identity.


Dark Web Hunter (Personal Search)

  • Do you have an email address?
  • Do you use the Internet?
  • Do you have a bank account or credit Cards?

If you answered yes to these three questions it is critical that you be able to monitor what information about you is for sale!

Knowing as soon as possible is critical in protecting yourself, your identity and your finances from critical damage.  Hackers depend on your complacency and not caring in order to take advantage of you!

Dark Web Hunter (Personal) Features

24/7 365 days a year searching the dark web by both professionals and AI to find all the places your personal identifiable information is for sale.  You will receive full monthly reports along with an optional immediate notification when a new detection occurs.

dark web hunter

Detect and Mitigate

Leverage a combination of human and artificial intelligence that scours botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, Websites and bulletin boards, Peer to Peer networks, forums, private networks, and other blackmarket sites 24/7, 365 days a year to identify stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information (PII). 


Seek out Information

When a credential is identified, we harvest it. While we harvest data from typical hacker text storage sites, a lot of our data originates from sites that require credibility or a membership
within the hacker community to enter. We monitor over 600 distinct Internet relay chatroom (IRC) channels, 500,000 private Websites, 700 twitter feeds, and execute 0,000s of queries daily.


Have I been Hacked?

While we can’t say definitively that the data we’ve discovered has already been used to hack you, the fact that we are able to identify this data should be very concerning. Upon finding this information, you should act quickly to change and protect the affected accounts. 


Where does Dark Web Hunter find data?

There are many places where data is found.  Here are six of the most common locations data is found.

  • Dark Web Chatrooms for compromised data discovered in hidden IRCs
  • Hacking Sites for compromised data exposed on hacked websites or data dump sites
  • Hidden Theft forums for compromised data published within hacking forums or communities
  • P2P File Leak for compromised data leaked from Peer-to-Peer file sharing programs or networks
  • Social Media Posts for compromised data posted on social media platforms
  • C2 Server/Malware for compromised data harvested through botnets or on command and control (c2) servers.


How was the data stolen or compromised?

There are many ways that data is stolen and published.  Here are some of the most  common classifications of data on the dark web.

  • The compromised data was tested to determine it was live/active
  • Data has been posted to prove its validity.  Often a small subset of the data available
  • The compromised data was entered into a fictitious website or extracted through software designed to steal data, i.e. phished
  • The compromised data was exposed as part of a company’s internal data breach or on a 3rd party Website
  • The compromised data was accidentally shared on the web, social media, or peer-to-peer site
  • The compromised data was intentionally and maliciously broadcast to expose PII.


Dark Web Hunter Cost:

The service is billed annually at £49.99.


Full Dark Web Hunter Report Monthly

Every month you will receive a report detailing all compromises found and when they were found


Immediate Notice

Immediate notice when a new breach containing your Personal Information is found.


Contact BC67

For further information about the BC67 products and cost, please fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a reply. If you can’t wait then you can always call our team on + (44) 23 9298 2238.

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