About Black Cloud 67

About Black Cloud 67

BC67 dark web monitor detects threats by thinking like an adversary.  There are thousands of threats lurking on the dark web, knowing when your business is at risk of attack is a significant challenge. The dark web is an attractive destination for cybercriminals,  due to its privacy and anonymity, whether they are looking to trade in stolen credentials, personal information, malware or illicit goods.


Working with your team to counter cyber threats

We go into the Dark Web, so you don’t have to, with BC67


BC67 dark web monitoring, offers digital risk protection, allowing organisations to keep a continuous eye on the deep and dark web, including file sharing networks, forums and other communications channels. Helping to increase cyber maturity and aiding in the early detection of cyber-attacks. Dark web surveillance  provides valuable insight into adversary espionage and vital intelligence to defend against future attacks.

We combine intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyse and monitor for compromised or stolen data.  Unfortunately, it is a fact that regularly a fresh batch of passwords hits the dark web exposing thousands of passwords from major organisations and other entities. 

What is dark web surveillance?

Dark web surveillance is the process of searching for, and monitoring information relating to an organisation’s potential exposures on the deep and dark web. Effective digital risk protection and dark web surveillance services are not a one-off exercise, it is a continuous process in which a set of search criteria are created and regularly updated to defend an organisation’s assets and reputation.

Our BC67 service, Dark Web Surveillance, will monitor the darkest depths of the Internet 24/7 to discover if your employee user credentials or sensitive data is being sold or distributed on the Dark Web.  We use sophisticated intelligence which allows our customers to focus on their business with peace of mind that your sensitive data is not at risk.

We monitor for the threat continuously and provide you the information, that could ultimately be the cause of a data breach or incident, so you can take the appropriate action.

Dark web surveillance benefits

The benefits of dark web surveillance service include:

  • Identify stolen credentials
  • Spot executive of VIP exposures
  • Protect brand and reputation
  • Manage third-party risks
  • Protect staff and customer data
  • Keep up with attacker espionage

There are hundreds of thousands of potential threats lurking on the deep and dark web, so it is important to find a dark web surveillance service that is capable of analysing huge volumes of data, but also flexible enough to be adapted to meet your changing needs. The BC67 dark web surveillance service uses cutting-edge dark web surveillance tools, the data is analysed by BC67’s experienced team of threat intelligence analysts, who provide a report on the risk profile of the organisation, with guidance on the actions needed to address credible threats.


How dark web surveillance tools work

Dark web surveillance tools work by ingesting large quantities of data and correlating it with a list of keywords to be monitored on a daily basis. This list is optimised over time to support specific monitoring objectives or risk profiles. Common keywords are likely to include:

  • Corporate names
  • Domain names
  • Monikers
  • IP addresses
  • Watermarks
  • Executive names
  • Project names
  • File hashes


Why choose BC67 for dark web surveillance?

  • Analyst curation of relevant dark web threats generated on client keywords
  • Acknowledged experts providing recommended guidance
  • Regular updates on strategic threat intelligence and trends.


What You get with our BC67 Service


A Dark Web Monitor Will Give Peace of Mind

Our systems and services work tirelessly for you all the time. As soon as we notice a set of stolen credentials that belongs to your domain, you get notified allowing you to take action.
A number of companies have unveiled dark web monitoring services to alert you when your information shows up there.  However, learning your information is on the dark web is just the first step.  If your information is on the dark web, it’s already being sold and resold, most likely multiple times over.  Once it’s out there you’re not going to be able to stop the spread of it. 
Even if your information was stolen years ago, some cyberthieves repackage old breached data to sell again. But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless.  The type of information found on the dark web plays a role in what steps you should take, and we will advise you of what steps should be taken


An Enterprise Level Service

We supply an Enterprise level dark web monitor and surveillance service to small and medium sized businesses. This types of business insight is usually is usually only available for larger business.


Contact BC67

For further information, please fill out the contact form to get in touch with our team. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a reply. If you can’t wait then you can always call our team on + (44) 23 9298 2238.

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